these are the days.

i hear screaming. i turn over and my first thought as usual is, "please don't let it already be the morning," and it's not. it's 3am. the screaming becomes coherent the closer i get to her room and I realize she is saying at the top of her voice, "I want CHOCOLATE milk momma, I WANT Chocolate milk." I have never in my life given her chocolate milk or talked about it. i have no idea how this is coming out of her mouth but even at 3am, it's making me laugh. she must have dreamed about chocolate milk because once i hold her i realize she isn't so much awake.and i am endeared even more that that is what her dreams are made of at this point.

she amuses us daily right now. its all the little things, like the fact that she sometimes changes her sentence to a whisper for emphasis. i think it's because i have come to realize i talk Oprah to Hannah with the way my intonations go UP and down with great holds and pauses....(hear introducing Tina FEEEY). her whispers are typically related to excitement. or the fact that if we help her down a step or something, she will go back up and do it over so she can "do it herself". often even exaggerated like if we help her down one step she'll go back up five and start over. big payback time for my childhood. she is so dern independent.

Yesterday I was off from work and not feeling awesome so i wanted to be lazy at the house with Hannah. She told me she needed to go see her friends. She began listing who she needed to visit... and .... and .... i laughed. your'e two, sweetie, we can take a breather from the social agenda. seriously. then we play a bit of hide and seek and i try not to be upset that she cannot get the concept and she hides in the same place everytime and when i get close at all, instead of staying quite and hiding, she says, "here I am!". same place. and she wants to do it again.

bryan and amy gave her two baby frogs for Christmas and she greets them every morning, "Hey little guys, hey!" as she was assisting me cooking the other night I caught her trying to share her apple with the frogs by shoving it in the airhole for their house. mom and dad gave her baby Calin, we have quite the diverse baby collection and she is beginning to really love on them, which is fun to see.

not shockingly, she is also a bit bossy. telling me, 'no dancing mommy. no singing mommy." and telling gucci just about everything to do. oh, it's funny. and i knew i was in for it. luckily in the midst of many characteristics i recognize from my childhood, i also still see her great observance and curiousity like Stephen. i see her tenderheartedness and concern. I see her desire to learn and quick adaptation of what she has heard. 

it's all pretty precious, these days. being 2.3.