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Ahhh, who's AWO?

about me. Ashley Wilson Oster.  hmm. I met a boy when i was young and while i attempted to have him come back later, he was too smart for such shenanigans and now ive had the joy of spending 15 years of life with him.  His name is Stephen although i sometimes refer to him as PH. long other story.

Eight years ago, we were blessed with quite the miracle - her name is Hannah Amelia Oster, affectionately known as HAO, Hannah Mia, or love. We were told by all the doctors that such a gift would not be ours so we sure don't pass a day without an awareness of a power way stronger than any medicine which we think is God.

We live in Seattle, WA after most of our lifetime, family and friends hang out in the Southeast. I am Tarheel Born and when I die I'll be Tarheel dead, so its deep in my blood you see, but we are on this big fat journey out here. 

When I was in 5th grade i went to a creative writing conference. I used to write poems and short stories all the live long day.  I think i knew early on the beauty and discovery in words. Writing keeps me conscious.  Somedays it feels ridiculous to have such an honest public diary for the world to see, but then i think of the joy in sharing and connectedness of all these words, not only to the ones I miss 3000 miles away, but to anyone who stops by that we could be connected through living BIG and HOPEFUL and TRAINWRECKISH all at the same time. I hope shared words and journey can bring laughter or courage to even one other person.

and well lets be honest, i want to remember. i want to track my girl's life. i want to track God's goodness over the years to help me remember. I want to see the images that filled my days and feel refreshed by the memories, good and bad. I don't fear the end of all these stories because I know the end is paved in gold and full of light.