Rip Roarin to go!

Good start to the new year. as far as my aspirations, i am hanging in there 13 days in and here's what I have to report.

I love Project 345  ( the project to read the New Testament in 2011. It's very story-like, easy to read and the stories mean such different things to me now as compared to when i was like 12 which may be the last time i did a lot of catechism or something. so it's good. any total epiphanies to be reported. for now, i realize God does appreciate wine as well, He is focused, He is very straight forward while also being totally vague, and His commitment to God's will and timing is amazing.

My goal of reintroducing veggies in my life and hanging back from any form of deserts has actually been quit a success. meaning i haven't eaten desserts. i confess that after 10 days I didn't feel a major change in my waist or my overall health, but it still feels right and good to take a break, so after one day of indulgence, i shall continue. i think my m&m's miss me.

COOKING - we have loved it. and we are ahead of schedule at this point to tackle Jamie Oliver's whole cookbook ( in 2011. And i had SOO much fun with Hannah gathering the materials - we went to the farmer's market, and the pasta store, and then Trader Joe's. Ahh, so fun, and i saved money! The first night Stephen and I made broccoli orechetti, courgette salad, and cantaloupe and prosciutto wraps. mm. mm. mmm.

A few nights later, during our snow break, we made tomato soup with crunchy vegetable salad. spicy, scipy, but goood.

A few things to note. we cannot eat red chili's in the quantity of our friend Jamie. the meals have tons of veggies and herbs which we love. the serving portions are too big for us but works out great for lunch leftovers. we cooked with our first anchovies in the pasta. and we all loved the pasta, even Hannah. we are having so much fun! Stephen is picking our next two recipes for next week!

and finally, here i am blogging, yeah, even with energy! And I applied lotion at least 3 times this week, oh yeah. i have felt a real peace this week in friendships and workships. all cheese aside, i sense God's activity right now with and around me and I am thankful. and scared. i have sent a few bold emails out this week, so intentionality 101 is working.

hope you have all had a great week.