T minus 10

breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

as hard as it is to say that out loud (the T-10 part), this week has started off so brightly. i will make no assumptions of why because no thought lasts long enough in my head to draw big conclusions, but i feel happy today. and i thank God for it.

last week was my last week of work at UNC Charlotte and the Chancellor and my boss, the Vice Chancellor of University Advancement, threw a going away party for me. And it was one of the best nights i can remember in a long time. as i reflected in order to make my remarks that evening, i got this great sense that God had me there for just the right amount of time... not that i couldn't have stayed longer... but that i hung in there long enough. Just that the time with two polar opposite bosses and employees, i learned so very much about myself and about being a strong leader in the workplace. mistakes were made and days were rough, but there were also SO many great days and great work that i got to do and create as the first ever UNC Charlotte Director of Community Affairs. There are programs we created that i will always be proud of and truly enjoyed learning about and through.  and i learned so much about myself that was gritty and stunning all at the same time in a way that made me feel i could really receive that party and enjoy it. my heart was blessed by the presence of colleagues, friends and family there and by what was shared about me. stephen taped it and i really hope someday its transferable so Hannah could really be proud too.

so quick logistics update: our renters were approved today, assuming all goes well with signing leases, etc... we have renters, phew.. PTL.. (even though i choked up the second i met them and thought of them in my house). we may have also found a little one bedroom in Queen Anne to stay for the first month while we hopefully find a house to rent. we are really praying for a house to live in that is in a great neighborhood... join us. (: we are packing and making last doctor visits, etc. this week as well as it's Hannah's last week at her preschool. All these "lasts" things have me less emotional than i expected and I don't know if that is denial or exhaustion but i am asking God for a gracious acceptance of this change as bountiful as the provision has been here that He has us moving on. So next Thursday, this precious house will be all packed up by the movers and on Saturday morning the 7th we'll be leaving Charlotte.

peace for the day, thank you Lord. (btw, sorry i have no pics recently, i don't have a computer or ipad or any special gadgets anymore.. ): so i gotta refind my photo albums.