1902 Wilmore Drive

in my head i am singing... Goodnight Sweetheart, well it's time to go... I really hate to leave you but I really must say Goodnight sweetheart well goodnight...  I am singing to my house. i don't want to go to bed for the last time here.

i remember the first day stephen and I walked through this house when it was completely gutted, not many walls and messy floors, just a beat up place. and we loved it. we wanted to move to this little Wilmore neighborhood because it was close to uptown and we had friends we really liked here. Our church was also very close by and we just felt it was an up and coming neighborhood. while the restaurants and boutiques never moved in, i think the recession slowed down a lot of potential, many many beautiful families did come in to our lives. on our little street wilmore is the Kings and the Baysdens. you can't have better neighbors. On Wooddale is the Strahls, Landry's, and Mullens. On Mint is the Cookes and the Millers. On Merriman was the Murrays. On Park was the Hopkins, Whitby's and Coggins. All these really incredible families within walking distance of this corner abode. I learned a lot about community on these streets.

But mostly for me, this was Stephen and I's first home purchase. the biggest thing we have ever (and STILL) own. I love every room here and the memories are really really good. there were imperfections along the way both in decor and in conversation but this home was always a place of rest and joy for me. Great Sunday Panther game viewing and naps, our first garden, endless recipes tested in our orange kitchen and a dining room that hosted some of the loveliest guests I could ever ask for and conversations that challenged and delighted me. I loved the Christmas lights that stayed up year round out back on the patio Stephen built, i loved the french doors, i loved the double shower heads in our chocolate and blue bathroom, i love the thought of bringing Hannah home for the first time and remembering sleepy walks down the hall as I responded to her cries, the color coded books on the bookshelves that Stephen and his dad built... i could go on and on.

this little house, well, i loved it. despite the ambulance sounds, litter in my yard, and loud bass heard on a daily basis, this was our little place. i really don't want to turn the lights out tonight.