know the way there

Hannah Beth, Hannah Mia's BFF, came over Wednesday night on our last night in our house. Her mom, Melissa, had explained to her that we were moving and she had the dearest two responses that have replayed in my mind - "But why is she leaving me I love her so much?" and my fav, "Do we know the way there momma?" and with all the dearness that Melissa always has she signed her going away card to me... we know the way there. and maybe the exhale i have been holding in for so long came out. the words told me, it's okay, go on. 

I have been thinking about how to remember and share this adventure back to the wild wild west with the many I love near and far. I have also been thinking of how much I need more regular processing for my own growth as well as I really want Hannah to have the story of her first big move. Oh, and, I am hopefully expectant of God in big ways for how and what this journey will include so I want to share with others so together we can be reminded of His provisions. So I am attempting the First 50 where I will write for our first 50 days of adventure. I'll start officially next Wednesday which will be day 1 in Seattle. 

one of the other beautiful gifts I received on our final packing day was a beautiful handkerchief from Jennifer Coggins, a incredible woman who lives in my neighborhood and has also been in my small group, aka Ruthies, for the last year. Her message to me was for the hanky to serve as a reminder of the hard work many of us have done in the last year of journeying together and a reminder that this too... this move.. is God's provision. So on the days it feels like it reeks, and the tears flow, that when i reach for the hanky it can remind me of good journey, process and provision and even more of the unbelievable women who shared life with me in the last years. I love it. 

i have so many pics i want to share of the last days and parties, etc. but i haven't had a chance to download them because I don't really have my own computer right now. so pics on this are a few from my phone to recap some great times in the last month. and for now i'll sign off from St. Louis where we are spending Easter with the Porters (PH's sis fam) on our way out to Seattle. i can already tell it's the perfect stop for a worn out souls if for no other reason that hearing the nonstop sound of laughter from Hannah with her cousins. its healing.