timely help

i wake aware, heavy, full, and needy. its so interesting that this season of mass transition is also lenten, the season of anticipation and hope for God. the season to contemplate sacrfice of the utmost and life to the fullest. If i don't have faith at this point that i am a state of lost that i don't know how to cope with. i need you Jesus, i need you risen, miraculous Son of Man. i get this sense that if i spend time considering your stories about your life and the way you loved and provided for your people that I could get out of my head.

"Let us boldly approach the throne of our gracious God, where we may recieve mercy and his grace to find timely help." Hebrew 4:16

Okay, so chosing to believe I try to consider this next week with hope. hope for what we will accomplish each day to prepare our family and house for the move. hope that ending my career at UNC Charlotte and in Charlotte will happen with joy, hope that i can finish well. hope that a place will be there for us in Seattle and hope that this home i love so much will have not just renters but good renters who will care for our little house. hope for Hannah's heart to be protected as she witnesses chaos and sadness over the next few weeks. hope for friends like hannah beth and smith in her life in Seattle. hope for baby auggie.

im scared, tired and sad but i believe God can give me comfort i need to enter these last three weeks with more peace and energy, that i can face these days expectantly with patience, gentleness and love. it's a lot, i know, but i boldly approach for this timely help.