Pursuit of glad moments

Happy Sabbath!

My parents have worked hard to REALLY encourage Sabbath, a day of rest at the end of the long weeks to truly restore, rest and contemplate. Over the years it has become a far more appealing and logical rhythm for us.  Today we actually got to go to church and it was really great. The pastor shared one line that has really been on my mind, that we are all in pursuit of glad moments. and usually that life works in a cycle of hope (anticipation for glad moment), joy (experiencing it), loss (when glad moments end), and grief (time in between glad moments). this so resonates with me.

so in this pursuit of gladness, i am thinking about a few things - 1. what are examples of glad moments for me? 2. what does peace look like in the in between? where do i go for peace? 3. what do I know to be true about God in all the phases of the cycle? Psalms and the pastor today suggested that we hold onto God as Deliverer, God as Provider and God as Authority.

I'm hopeful for spaces this week to keep thinking about my answers and what i live out to believe is true about God to me in all phases.