El Sabado en Seattle

Saturdays were always complex in Charlotte because we wanted them to be everything. a time to refresh, restore, clean, run errands, be with friends, and have family time. it's so bizarre to start again and figure out how to spend Saturdays in this new place. Discovery seems to be top of the list considering the amount of neighborhoods, boutiques, cafe's and parks undiscovered by us. So it is quite exciting, especially on a sunny Saturday.

Today, we couldn't resist hitting up La Reve Cafe which is the best pastries of all time and we know we are leaving Queen Anne soon. We walked for coffee and pastries, got home and jumped in the car to see Gastown Park. It was quite beautiful and I'll let the pics above tell the stories.

I am in need of a serious attitude adjustment as it relates to our new house and our new neighborhood so we decided post naps we would hit up a park in the new hood and eat dinner at a little eatery on the main drive of Phinney Ridge. I REALLY needed to do that. I REALLY need to get pumped about our new place, i am struggle buckets. So, it was a good night - great park (although Hannah asks all the time who is going to play with her at the park because she doesn't know anyone, it's a bit heartbreaking, especially when we try to console her by saying, "us!"), GREAT pub and Eatery that was uber kid friendly and had delicious beer and all farm to table food.

new saturday was good. we can't deny missing any friends to spend weekend time with, but we are thankful for discovery.