I went to MOM's Club

HA, HA, HA HA...laugh all you want, i did it. I went to a meeting called MOM's Club of NE Seattle. I just laughed at myself again and haven't in fact said it aloud without laughing. for two reasons... one, i said yesterday I was going to lay low. HAHAHAHAHAHA. and two because these are the types of meetings i crack on and literally could not IMAGINE thinking were a good idea, i'm not the right material, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

to my defense I only agreed to do such a thing because Karen, my new friend from Calgary, asked me if i wanted to join her because there was an open house meeting this morning. I told her that if it was awful at least we could laugh together and if it had any potential that at least we could both learn. i hear myself talking to Hannah as we are driving there and i actually catch myself trying to convince her that it would be fun and realize that girl is up for anything. she is the best sidekick.

so, at the end of the day, here's the truth... the women there were totally lovely. they were kind, normal, dressed simply, kids disarrayed, i met two women from South America, one woman from DC who moved 6 months ago for her husband to work on a campaign for WA Governor, a woman of Indian descent who lives a few streets over and whose kid is so lovely i want to steal him. the room was chaos and nourishing all at the same time. because there was something really beautiful about knowing your place in life, motherhood, and also knowing you don't want to do it alone, and it was worth coming to meet others walking geographically close with some potential other similarities. i tried to smile at everyone. i wanted every mom to feel special and glad they risked being vulnerable even though the whole thing horrified me in the event they talked about any of the 900 things i wouldn't know about Seattle or being a stay at home mom.

oh funny day. in an ode to mothers, i HAVE to share this clip in case there is any mom who hasn't watched it yet. I LOVE it. i cry EVERYTIME. and i LOVE the OLYMPICS and maybe now P&G products. genius. Happy weekend all!