Color Me

So... what wasn't addressed was when you are seeking and anticipating a glad moment that doesn't turn out to be glad..oh hell. I feel sure we are all familiar with that. Tonight kind of felt that way when we got the keys to our new place. a place i have pictured in my head 100 times and a moment i have hoped for for the last 6 weeks. a place for us. anyway, there is nothing terrible to report other than it was unspectacular in many ways and i do prefer the positive drama. On top of which, as happens with couples our visions for the spaces and the walls isn't exactly matching up. i REALLY wanted them to be in sync and full of joy. or for him to have no opinion (hope you are all laughing very hard here if you know PH at all) and just love mine. 

anywho, i'll upload a video of the new house before and after we get in that joint. right now i need all your help. anyone with a kitchen paint color that they LOVE and that would match with black and white tile and light wood cabinents, let me know. it's special to match and i'd love a good paint color. secondly, i need a paint color for the downstairs bathroom which is TEENIE but stark white right now. So... anywho, folks, spill the beans if you love a kitch or bathroom color in your house. here are pics of those rooms in the new house that need your love. 

Hannah and i had a really good day together, sometimes i worry my heart might combust i love that girl so much.