oh to be trendy

Secret hobby of mine is checking out fashion trends. i am curious, i love the creativity and i get lost for a little bit when i look each season. its a secret because it correlates in no way with what i wear the next day. It was revolutionary to me about five years ago that top reason for purchasing could not be a)because it was the only one that fit b)it was on sale c)it was comfy. knowing and living, two different things. 

I feel like style has been on a roll the last few seasons and I have been especially desirous of pre-recession guilter free clothes buying. not the necessity basics but the real charmers. I have come to realize that while I do have a lot of clothes, my closet is full of the real charmers. from like 10-12 years ago that i am desperately hoping come back in style. and some have thankfully. others should be burned. someone once offered to go through my closet with me and help me let go of some super special charmers. or the clothes i have held on to for years sure i was going to be that size again. i couldn't do it. these charmers have SO many memories at this point. like 10 years worth. like first kiss with Stephen, honeymoon clothes, graduation clothes, clothes from Spain (can truly be qualified as a middrift that is too embarrassing even to clean in at this point) If i was really going to purge i would use this entry as therapy and take pictures of some of the items i am talking about. listen, i waited long enough that elastic waist skirts and prints are back. bright colors appear to be back and i found one the other day in my short sleeve box. score, except it stops at my belly button. 

so i was thinking for mother's day a shopping spree would be good. since i've never had one and all. and then i saw a few styles for the seasons are. and friends, i know it is just my opinion but the belt purses. these are fanny pack do overs. i appreciate the sensibility more than ever, but really are we going there? second is for shorts this season. gasp. jean shorts aka jorts is one thing, but the old school cutoff jean shorts came back?.. seriously. no way. i have memories in those i have been trying to forget for 12 years. except for what my thighs looked like coming out of them at 18. for the love, how can these be back, it's hurtful and leaves me with no option but to wear mom shorts. period. i wish like heck i could wear no shorts but we are minutes away from 85 degrees at 6am. 

may i say one last thing about trends. who knew that haircolor was a trend? anyone? where have i been? i can't monitor one more thing in my life but can someone tell me when it is red. I’ve always

 wanted to go red.