2.7 year phrases to remember

i guess at some point I will get used to it, but it seems impossible. the things that come out of this sweet child's mouth... where did she get them from? I love her mind, her sense of humour and the things she apparently picks up. here are few examples from the last few days. 

it's 9pm, she's been in her bed talking and trying to get to sleep for 1.5 hours. I walk in with a stern face ready to get her to sleep.. "oh mom, i like the flowers on your shirt." I laugh. no more stern face. 

next day we go to the Common Market for a sandwhich, as we are walking in, a young woman says to Hannah, "I like your sunglasses." I resist prompting Hannah to say thank you, only to hear her say, "You like my sunglasses? I like your sunglasses too."

WHERE does she get these social cues. they seriously crack me up. and are so endearing to her independent, sweet and ever so feminine spirit. 

and just about each day now which is somewhat breaking my heart. She will see me or Stephen getting ready in the morning and say her very favorite question, "what doing?". we'll say getting dressed, showering, etc. then she'll say, "where you going?" we'll say work. she'll say, "where'm i going?" everyday. its hard because i want very badly to answer nowhere, we are playing all day. 

and literally, everyday, she will actually take the time as soon as I get home to check me out and say, "oh, cute shoes mom."

every person in any store or crowd or resturaunt or really anywhere, the first thing this precious girl notices is shoes. i like her shoes mom, oh cool shoes, look at her flip flops. she has tennis shoes. oh, those are cute shoes mom. 

it's hilarious. a little bit. except she already changes shoes like 2 or 3 times a day, it's the biggest desicion of her morning. 

last night, i am trying to get her ready for bed and I tell her it is very late and it's time to go to sleep and she says, "i don't see the moon." seriously. again, laugh. how did she come up with that (and yes i know you can see the moon in daylight but the association)

and then today she asks Stephen, "where did my pink toes go?" we painted them for the wedding for the first time. she literally loves them and show and tells everyone, "i have pink toes." the hello kitty paint is clearly chipping and it is stressin her out. "where'd my pink toes go daddy?" and the cutest is her dad, who didn't want her toes painted so early says you are so beautiful with or without your toes painted little one.

and one of my favorite recent memories is that recently as she tucks her baby dolls to their little crib, she makes sure they have a blanket and then she sings Jesus Loves Me to them. i can't get over the dearness. 

*i came back a day later to add one that i can't believe i missed, which is the statement we hear most often and harkens right back to my childhood, which is... "i do it myself." wow. already. shocker right, no i know, you are laughing.