Spring is for sure here. the sun feels so good. its time for So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 because I have been so caught up in Parenthood and The Good Wife I've been a tear-ed up mess. I do love those shows thow, sheesh. can someone suggest some good books to me pretty please, I wanna be caught up in a book. 

we had a march madness cookout with friends that was real fun. we love hosting and cooking and seeing all these kids have fun. i can't believe we are too the point that now when we have friends over it's more or as fun for Hannah as us, yeah! we also had a quick visit with the Osters Sr. that she LOVED!


then we were off to my dear cousin Lori's wedding in the VA Outer Banks. It is worth sparing the details of our car from Rent-A-Wreck and our accomodations at Nostalgia, and we'll say it was a good trip and our girl likes adventure. but mostly she likes people. at the wedding where there were no other children under 12, she would go up to guests and say, "what's your name" or "whatry doin?" and then proceed almost before they answered to find something of their outfit or appearance and compliment it for example, "oh, i like your pink toes" or "that is a pretty shirt".  I kid you not, she had a compliment for everyone. it was so endearing. 

and a few family photo opps that the beach provided. forever grateful for all the love of Ba and Susu and the joy Hannah has of being in relationship with them, as well as me.  and i really love my extended family too. fun to be with you Rowe's, congrats Lori, and we missed you much Peters and Bokowy's (and Amy and Bry!)