bottle up

"momma, you like my princess panties?" Hannah asks me as she tries out her new Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) undies.  we are trying to get her pumped up for potty training. 

"oh sweetie, they are lovely!" I boast at the site of my girl in big girl panties.

"momma, you want some princess panties someday?" she sincerely asks me. 

after grinning at her train of thought and sentence formation, i gleefully answer, "yes please."

"okay." she says pensively. 

about 10 minutes later she runs back to the bathroom to find Stephen. 

"daddy, you like my princess panties?" I hear her say. 

"Hannah, what a big girl, I do like them" he says. 

"you want some someday?" hannah asks him. 

long pause. huge grins from us both. How does he not squelch the excitement of these awesome panties and at the same time break the news the he doesn't wear "panties" and most certainly nothing with princesses. i wish at the time i had thought to tell him to say he might like pair of prince boxers but i wasn't fast enough.

nonetheless i love this memory. of her growing up, curiousity, of wondering if we should all love and apparently therefore have all the same stuff. oh she is so dear and i want SO bad to bottle this age. oh, please let it last longer, i love our conversations right now. i love hearing her responses and even more her questions? i love seeing what she notices, and i love the way she already wants to share anything that is good with me whether that be princess panties or her last dried apricot.