my 2.9 yr. old

everytime I think I will always remember a story or a first about her, i realize two weeks later than i can't recall exactly what i was smiling so big about the week before. its bizarre actually how difficult the moments that seem to take my breath away are hard to remember a week later. oh well. i'll do the best i can in a brief update on hannah mia (this is what we call her for Hannah Amelia) because i absolutely cannot believe we are T-8 from my baby being 3. 

here is what i see: she observes like her daddy. she's curious. she relates like her momma. she doesn't want to be on the sideline and she LOVES time with friends. she tells me things like, "i like riley, bo and smith all day." and "Hannah Beth is my favorite, i love her." she is all about the party, the camp, pre-school & sunday school, playground dates, etc., she seems to really enjoy other kids and take her time watching them just enough to learn them a bit. she rides a bike, a tricycle, and a scooter with the coordination i didn't know was possible at 3. she wants approval, already, but is still independent enough to chose timing. she's thoughtful in ways that always surpise me, how she double checks on me sometimes or wants to give my head a kiss if i have a headache or worries about others who seems sad. her concious is big, she does not like to be corrected and typically responds with frustration and if i were to say, "Hannah you are okay, we can do this", she says things like, "i don't want to be okay. I need space." to which i crack up. i love that she tells me she doesn't want to be okay, and I can relate sometimes.

here is what i know: the girl loves curious george. she loves pink (how, why, okay). she loves her monkey, still. her favorite thing continues to be shoes. flip flops and high heels at the top of the list. sparkly at the top of the list. she loves edamame and ladypops (this is what she calls lollipops). she loves the feeling of her hair long on her back and shakes her head from side to side. she'd wear tutu's and high heels everyday if we put that out there as a legitamate option. she memorizes books, i had no idea until suddenly she was telling me page after page, and even making the side comments i might make about something being silly or whatnot. she really likes dates where we get to eat at the store or resturaunt, even just the two of us. she decided to start pee-peeing on the potty about a month ago, the entire motivation being the opportunity to wear princess panties. she is still very picky about which panties she will wear, they basically need to be pink or have a princess on them (oh my), but her smile when pee pee in the potty is the cutest most proud thing i have ever seen. and she loves classical music. it is fascinating actually the way it exands her imagination and calms her, she creates stories with the music and says things like "more trumpets, more trumpets" and "here comes the prince." (double oh my)

when she wants to rest with me or put her hand or head next to me, i just feel i can't make it i don't want that second to end she is just the dearest most lovely girl i ever knew. i am so so very thankful to know her and to watch her, and scared to death to train her and bring her up well and safely. so this is my reminder to myself of what i remember today about my 2.9 year old that i wish i could never forget.