all is good on the western front

So far this morning I have seen a woman blowing bubbles walking to work (no kids in tow). skateboards, bikes and sneakers as main modes of transportation. loads of dogs. bakery. coffee shop. bakery. coffee shop. lots of MACS. tats everywhere. and in general most all the people floating in and around this coffee shop are smiling. and its dark and 45 degrees in late May. what are these people on? no kidding the guy beside me said, "life's too short to worry about all the little things." and i was like okay, am in Pleasantville or something?i took the slow motion spirit a little too seriously on day one here in Vancouver and accomplished 1/4 of what i needed to, but i am seemingly easing right into the mode.

the pic above is from one of our favorite coffee shops on commercial drive called Prado. we opened the joint this morning and they brought the a freshly baked cream cheese oat and bluberry and blackberry bran muffin right to our table. HEAVEN.

so, all is good on the western front. we are here. people are chi. and we have 2 full weeks with sadie, amy, and aaron in one of our favorite cities in the world. hope to make the time to share all sorts of moments with you.