day 2 had its ups and downs. mostly it lasted forever. when you start at 5am, days last a long long time. Hannah was up much of the night with asthma and a cold. poor thing. so we spent a good portion of the day in the rainy indoors. it was still great. i love being with her, we curled on the sofa and her cheek was pressed against mine as she watched an episode of curious george on the ipad and i didn't realize i had totally fallen asleep. below is pics of yesterday and the airport. she was literally beside herlself to get on an airplane. TOTALLY pumped and never even considered on 6 hours of flights falling asleep.

and in case you have been waiting... here is my precious niece that i am also THRILLED to being sharing my days with... she is the tiniest little peanut i ever saw. she is so happy and smiley and i am excited to get to know her. first cousin bath!!!