wilson-roberts home

i really love seeing the ins and outs of someone's homes. sometimes it stresses me out, their system awry from mine and i feel lost. and sometimes i feel curious of how other's set up their worlds to operate just right for their priorities and their life. everytime i think i am not a control freak i tell myself to relax in someone else's system.. but this time it's working. even in a nondishwasher home, i am finding peace looking out of the window and spacing out with the steamy hot water and dish after dish after dish. it's been relaxing.

the other thing is that amy and aaron have set up their home to serve and to host. and watching them in action hosting is quite fun. for starters, 25 minutes before amy's mom group comes over and we are at the gym i say, "what time are they coming over?" and she tells me, and i say... "so do you have the right foods, should we pick up a bit?" and she reminds me that they are laid back and that it is more about being together. I am endeared and dumbstruck all at the same time.

but when i look at the pieces that make up their home, the perfect pitchers, the colorful bookcases, the thoughtful artwork, the comfortable couches, the huge garden, the plentiful chairs, the compost, and the grand dining room I realize just how amy and aaron it is. and so i am enjoying learning from thier life a bit and seeing a different system in action.