seattle times

should i worry at all that most of my pics from our trip are of food? man we love finding great food and with Jon and Jasmine that is sure to happen. an amazing tres peppercorn dry salami and mozzerella sammy, dark chocaloate and almond crossiant, mussells, french savingon blanc (yum!), beet salad, seafood bisqueetc. etc, it was so good. oh and reuniting with the vaughan's was perfectly easy and joyous like there for sure hadn't been 1.5yr in between visits. 

I never realized the extent to which i am a run into things and then figure it out kind of person. i learn best through experience for sure, i did learn that loud and clear from my activator ranking in strengthfinders. so here i am in a space where people are asking me what i am thinking and feeling and well i'm not exactly sure.

the thing that is exactly complimentary (and also sometimes aggravating) is that Stephen for sure is a let's brainstorm aloud, think through everything, look it up, debate it, etc. etc. the beauty there is that i feel sure when we buy a product or make a big move in our life that he has throughouly thought through it. and he knows me so i secretly hope he always hears my voice without neccessarily hearing my voice. 

i'm just a little less processed. i think and feel deeply but i also act often so i feel more comfortable in movement. so, to all the dear dear ones who have asked in the last few days, what do you think of all of this? what do you want to happen... mostly all i know is i want SOMETHING to happen. and i am really proud of PH last week.

as hard as we try this is not our peaceful ryththm, and honestly what i want is my turn to be a little riskier, to chose what work i want to do and maybe even how much, i want to be making a desicion on our family growth or not i want mornings where i can linger with my daughter if i want to. i want a break from being the stable, the health insurance, the whatever. maybe its selfish, half the world probably doesn't get this choice or break, but if i'm honest, its what i want. 

on a much more fun note... i hope very soon to have a post of Hannah attempting Spanish sentences. its fantastic and i have to catch it on camera. in general right now she wants to say so much more than she knows how to put in orderly sentences. its actually totally fabulous because its like her mind is ahead of her mouth or vocabulary so she sometimes just literally babbles or pretends to be saying big things with lots of intonations. she is really quite the little person and our conversations are getting longer and longer, and i love it. she is a trooper through all of this stress. i hope so much for her sake we are near our end of this particular season (not that being with her dad more often isn't AWESOME,) just because she has to know the anxiety in our voices. 

anywho, so i'm ready to run into things, thanks for loving us in between.