unsparkly updates

time is spent in our hearts everyday praying, thinking, and grieving for our precious friends the Kelly's. In some ways the fact that what was such a fast turn of events and decline has slowed a bit helps those who love him to take it slowly and grieve piece by piece. I remember things about him all the time and spend the rest of the time thinking about Juli and Ceci and what their days must be like. i think a lot about Claire, his wonderful mom and how she must be coping watching her son like this. there isn't a day we dont think, WAIT, he wasn't done yet, Patrick has more to give. and more i wish he and stephen could share as friends. some of you have asked and some of you have started following Julie's blog, but the update is that the feeding tube is out, his body has offered another sign it's time to let go and he is beginning to shut down. steadfastly, julie and his family continue coming to the hospice unit at the hospital and offering all they have for each day they have him. they are all quite remarkable to me.

the other tiny update is lots of folks wondering if we have heard back from Teague, and the answer is that PH has had an email exchange or two and one call on Monday afternoon, and now knows that the final desicion will be made next week. in some ways we both feel like this space may be easier than the next because we have ounces of hope and something in front of us, and next week could either mean another closed door which would royally suck or an open door which would scare the daylights out of me for the implications it would have on us. as another weekend approaches and it feels like so little of our life is moving forward, we try to find ways to enjoy the days, not bicker with each other and live out the much smaller moments. it is challenging me to no end. and in light of what i started this email off it is also very sobering to keep thinking about the bigger picture of life which can come in the smaller moments and the way i treated a person even today rather than in the circumstances we so long to be set right. maybe there is nothing wrong at all right now for the work God may have for our days which is beyond us. so hard to think that way.