this made me laugh, my friend Melissa said TGIMF - Thank God it's MY Friday. i so feel that too, Melissa and I both basically fall into her house on Thursday afternoons strung out from the push of completing our work/baby balance for the week and so happy to hug our Hannahs. they clearly  have no idea why we are beside ourselves and give extra hugs on this evening, but it's because we know, we did it. we made it through another week, and now, we get our days to be with them. ahhhhh. i think i have started a few drafts on being a working mom and not ever pressed the publish button. it can be such a sticky topic. the thing is, it falls differently on everybody. i made SO many wrong and foolish assumptions about life as a mom prior to my arrival here. I thought i had so much to prove, but the deal is, once you get here, well we are all just making it work the darn best we can for each of our families. and no too roads seem to be perfectly parallel so we probably do best just to hear one another out and support where we can. anywho, it's been a pretty good week, work has been good for me. i'm shuffling all sorts of things around my head, but for now, i'll just TGIMF, watch a little trash TV and delight in 3 days with my daughter to come.