yep. here i am again. me and moviprep. i have to laugh that while i was going through the drive through pharmacy to pick up the moviprep, a lovely young pharmacist retrieved my delightful prescription and she asked if i had any questions. other than"why me?" i just told her if the instructions were on the box i would be good to go. Then she says "$55" and i choke as i reach for my amex. so, here's the laughable moment. she tries to shove the box into the drive through window contraption and it doesn't really fit. she keeps shoving, it fits, but now it is lost in the middle and the window is opening and closing, opening and closing, and she says has a frightened look on her face, when it finally opens long enough that i can reach in and try to manuever it out. bad, funny start. so then she says" good luck" and i drive off laughing. we are totally at the stage where laughing is required for sanity. so that is the mindset that i enter this evening as i chug two liters of MoviPrep and prepare for my second procedure tomorrow morning. i feel quite hopeful that they won't find active Crohn's, i really do. and if they do, i feel hopeful that we'll be okay and we'll team up to deal with whatever we need to get better. i pray to view it all as a part of my shaping. (: ps - stephen did tell me as i was chugging my second glass to think of Doritos. um, that doesn't work.