mixed tapes, the other penguin and other small greats

air supply keeps going through my mind this morning, "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you....". i don't know what this means maybe only that i am desperate for some new itunes. music suggestions anyone? it's sad how long its been since i picked out a CD. last weekend however stephen and i were listening to some of his new music and he mentioned that he had put one of the songs on a mix CD for me. i blushed a little bit, i can't believe my husband still makes me mixed tapes, that is totally awesome. I have a lil collection from him that i treasure. one embarrassing old story is that when we were first dating, well maybe like 1 year in actually, we were riding home (to NC) from DC and Laurie was with us, and i found a mix tape from his last girlfriend before me. so i of course did the mature thing that any confident adult in a loving relationship would do and I threw it out the window. on the highway. so it's like totally gone and i littered. impressive, huh? Stephen did not appreciate this and after a gasp, Laurie was wishing she had hitched a ride with someone else. Alright, short friday love list - supporting local biz. 1. The Other Penguin  - http://www.otherpenguin.com  I am so proud of BYJ using down time for additional creativity and coming up with a really fun product that we hope will be wildly successful. follow the fun on their twitter (http:www.twitter.com/otherpenguin), or facebook.  christmas gift anyone? 2. Little Grey House - how i ever not mentioned this store before, surely i have. surely. is the absolute best handmade sweet things by my friend Kim. the fabrics are fantastic and she can make blankets, towels, lovies, burp clothes, bibs, etc. etc. with names on them, i just sent two off last week. i love her work and her great taste, there is TLC in each piece. 3. phat burrito - i have rediscovered this dive in my neighborhood with simply the most delish fish salad i ever ate. hasta luego chipotle. 4. owen's bagels - banana surprise - cream cheese, banana slices, cinnamon on a steamed new york bagel. yuuum. peace out Einstein. 5. paper skyscraper - i miss you actually bc you arent as friendly to my new economic reality, however i think of you and will be back. Share your love with the small businesses!