talk about dreamy

clouds break and lend to a sunny afternoon with my daughter. parents watch daughter so i can go to gym. hang with parents a bit. come home, have a dance off with hannah. then have dinner delivered by awesome neighbor as a part of our new meal swap. put sleepy baby in bed. pour glass of red wine. eat delish healthy fall meal that i didn't prepare or have to even contemplate while beginning an evening of trash TV because Stephen is working late. (don't get me wrong, love evening's with my man, but a solo night here and there aint so bad). feet up, so you think you can dance begins, (LOVE it, but i still can't get into tap, i'm sorry, i can't). i truly fantasize about being about to tango, samba... all things latin and ballroom. ahead... cup of hot tea, private practice, dark chocolate m&m's. talk about dreamy.