14 months

i honestly can't handle my love for so you think you can dance. its ridiculous. and stephen pointed out that right now that is essentially giving 3 hours of my life every week to this show- ouch. i said more like 2.5 with DVR, but i don't even care, i love it. okay, on a more serious note. hannah hasn't been well for the last 5 days and its so sad. it makes me realize how much i have learned about her spirit because it is SO obvious when she is not well. the most precious thing is that she will let me comfort her, tons of cuddling and i bottle it. she is usually so independent, so on the move, so full of words. one of her newest tricks is that she has this fake laugh, its like in a very deep voice which is even funnier to me, but she cracks herself up, and i of course have no choice but to laugh back, oh its great. and words, she just loves to talk and she also listens so carefully b/c she wants to say it back to you. She says momma, daddy, gucci, doggie (how does she know the difference?), shoes, hot, up, thank you, peas (not for peas but please and she is VERY picky on when she wants to offer this). and this morning, i SWEAR she said tissue. they are beside the bed and she likes to take them all out of hte box and throw them around but this morning she actually had a runny nose and she looked over and said "tissue". unbelievable. this is too fun but i really need to be careful on my language, i am desperately hoping dam* isn't her next word. okay, i totally owe pics, and will load them v soon i promise!!!