talking money

rain days can really be the best. except i want to have no responsiblity at all. i have to have a budget meeting tonight and i can't figure out where to hide. i think it was actually even my idea, what a horrible idea. who in their right mind wants a budget meeting right now? ignorance IS bliss. the thing i hate about money is having to talk about money. seriously. maybe growing up in a fundraising family has scarred me for life. it has also probably given me the awareness that all will be well and that God does provide. He has been faithful to Stephen and I's families for decades and yet somehow we can't shake worry sometimes. short memories. i never needed to have a lot a money, just enough paycheck coming in that we don't have to talk over every purchase. and that may sound so ridiculous to some folks reading this b/c i do realize i am totally rich according to worldly standards. some people don't have meals today and i know i don't understand that. so from the world of what i do understand, i am thinking through money in my house. i know that many homes are having extra budget meetings. and we are asking ourselves what are our priorities? when we look back over spending, where will we feel peace seeing how the money was spent? what can i give up? and what gets under my skin in particular, that distracts me from the bigger picture, that distracts me from faith when i think about money? truth is, i appreciate convenience far too much. and being so budget conscious... and clipping coupons and not having the air on and cooking all the time isn't always convenient. it's a waste of time i think for folks to actually decide whose more rich or not, i find that the conversation in the middle (as my pastor would say) is are each of us aware of how money falls on us? how does it control us, are we generous, are we anxious, are we thankful, are we confident in God's provision, are we storing up treasures for Heaven or earth? so while we can commiserate with one another over buying the cheaper bottles of wine these days, or bringing lunch to work everyday, or not buying any new clothes, worrying about the business closing down, or whatever is your limit (nevermind everyone's unexpectedes like hospital bills, car bills, house repairs, kids shoes) maybe just maybe we'll also take these rough economic times to ask some questions in the middle. and maybe just maybe we'll be honest with ourselves. even if not aloud, maybe we'll take this chance to check ourselves.