frydee luv

how on earth is it Friday again. okay, so i'll be realistic that any regular things i try may not actually be totally consistent, but i try. I Love... 1. seeing a random tiny shoe laying around. everytime it makes my heart skip a beat that that shoe belongs to my kid. never mind that she is obsessed with shoes and tries Stephen and mine on all the time and always wants hers on. i think it is totally funny that "shoes" is one of her first 10 words. 2. girls nights out. last night it was for a play. dressed up, downtown, dinner, wine and conversation. i just forget how refreshing feminine fun can be! 3. flat screen tv's - i know, this is lame, loving such a material thing that leads to bad things like watching tv. hee hee. finally. finally, we passed on the box tv and got a sleek less chunky screen. the timing is ridiculous and moronic, but oh. i hardly care about the perks other than the room aesthetics, ahhhh. but football does look better. i can hardly imagine wait tarheel bball will look like. 4. Opening windows and using ceiling fans. fresh air. symbol that mosquitos may be close to hibernating, no bug spray or sunscreen, awesome. the week has been good. work felt better both because my energy is increasing, pain decreasing and because i feel so much more grounded. i feel more confident in my value right now and it makes the drive to win territory and gain recognition less important. i asked my boss even to consider that i may have potentially matured since he hired me 4 years ago. i like what i do and i have a job, those two things alone are of great value and i am grateful. i'm over the drama and don't have the energy to keep up with it right now. hope rest is in everyone's weekend. cheers!