a year ago today was one of the most amazing days of my life. the most precious gift i have ever been given entered our lives and i have spent the last 365 in awe of the sweetness of this good gift. She was worth the wait. She was so worth the longing. tears. more tears. remembering how READY i was for her to come, remembering the morning i woke and asked Stephen to please take a walk with me and be late to work. remembering on the walk that the contractions came and getting to call my mom and dad and tell them, "i did it! She's coming!" i could barely contain my heart with the anticipation of meeting her. in exactly 15 mins. from the time i am writing right now, she arrived and she was the most beautiful screaming thing i have ever seen. and there the journey began of not really having any idea what i was doing and at the same time feeling the eagerness to discover and nuture her. endless days of the guessing game, is she hungry, is she tired, is it gas, is she cold? walking the halls, breaking the rules and using the co-sleeper and LOVING it, figuring out the endless breasturaunt and eating like a linebacker, grandparents caring so well for us so we could care for her, oh the first weeks were incredible. the last six months have been so much fun too, watching her get a little sturdier and watching her grow in curiousity. watching her delight in the presence of other little ones and reveal her social nature, hearing daddy and mama for the first time, seeing her light up when music is on and seeing her crab walk faster than i could have imagined. She's full of expression, her cry is the saddest thing you have ever seen and hilariously dramatic at times, and she lets you know when she needs something. She helps unload the dishwasher and tries to put her foot in all our shoes. Okay, i am gushing. what i am trying to say is the year was as magical as my wildest dreams. i adore life with her in it. i never get used to this gift. i am always amazed at how blessed we were to get to have hannah. and we are celebrating big time today for a wonderful year with our daughter. we know we are in for it now and the next year will bring so much change, and we cannot wait to get to know her more. Aw, today, thanksgiving and joy. Thank you Lord for Hannah Amelia!