end o rope

dear lord, thank you for this trial. i know we have learned and will continue to learn. we are overit.com and ready to move on at this point. i can't get out of the funk anymore, i can't release anymore. i am ready to reenter life. puhleez. ashley at this very moment i hear stephen talking to hannah in the bath trying to come up with all the positives for the day. it is hilarious. he is telling her about his day and asking her about her positives - a nap, green beans, being outside, no broken bones... for those of you asking for a medical update. i am fine. well in my head i am. i am so done with being sick that i am mentally trying to will myself to normal. the thing that gives me lightness is that the air is getting a little less hot and sticky and i feel we are on the verge of a new season. my very favorite season, fall. and i am hopeful our life will mimic the change. this week i have 3 doc visits. doc says surgery went well and the healing is looking good. this week has been transition week off the narcotics and onto ibuprofen. (i have to be honest and confess i see now how people may get addicted, it's so nice to be pain free and relaxed.. however, completely unproductive which makes this a nonviable addiction for me).  i am able to drive again, practicing small outings and continuing to rest as much as possible. my body still tires so much faster than i wish. grace, ashley, grace. they are watching one small area, and tomorrow i hope they say all is well and i will happily try to return to work next week. I know Lord, you are gracious and merciful and do not give us more than we can bear. thank you.