buy 2, get 1 free

Stephen has been making me laugh recently. He commented to mom and I as we were in the hospital for the third visit that he thought at least by now we have reached our family maximum for health costs of the year - you know buy 2, get 1 free. Hee, hee. ---------- is it possible to be so familiar with something so scary that it actually becomes hard to leave? since july 19th, i've spent 14 nights in the hospital, and i have actually gotten a wee bit used to the drills. what i have no idea about and have had no idea about has been all the space in between. the healing, resting and adjusting to life pre-surgery and now post. i get a different answer every time i ask a doctor what i should expect of recovery time. special. anywho, goodbye to Ivy (my IV-tower), goodbye to Molly (my morphine drip), goodbye to pup #2 (my drain), and unfortunately, let's go home cathy (the catheter which is going to stay with me for a few more days). Goodbye to the freakin bumbly machine that rolls in and out of my room to get my vital signs every 3-4 hours, goodbye to the shots and the deep breaths. goodbye to the wonderful nurses who cared really well for me and seemed to show genuine compassion for my healing. goodbye to a TV in my room. i don't think hannah will miss her hospital visits, although she did like walking through the halls and saying " Heeey" to everyone, she seems to be confused why i can't pick her up and why i am always in bed. oh, i dream of when she and i can be back together again. In the meantime, mom and Stephen have orchestrated the most perfect care for us both. i am full of memories already of care i didn't ever think my mom would be giving to me in the hospital but the reverse. and stephen and i have had many a slumber party in the hospital, the overnights were so much more bearable with him there! so, i am going home today. thanks to the generosity of a friend, mom was able to be here for a good long stay through the 12th so she'll be helping me with home bed rest. I am so thankful. Prayer requests include: reuniting with Hannah and figuring out how to "play" with her from bedrest, no infections, and to learn new boundaries in order to heal. It looks like i will continue to redefine normal for a bit of time now (they average 6 wks. of healing) Thanks for all your encouragement and support, ya'll are the best! I can't believe the surgery is over and I am missing some parts! Here's to hoping for lots more comfortable days ahead!