Adoro los viernes

i meant to write before the next love list. i meant to. it was my motivation.  today started with a brief scary moment where i came to the realization that hannah will someday be a 13 year -old girl and have the potential of crying and waving her hands wildly after bands such as Jonas Brothers. this is what i witnessed on the TODAY show while at the gym this morning. Wow.  so here we go as i reflect on this week.  1. I love Stephen. We celebrated our 8th anniversary Tuesday and I like him even more than years past.  2. Women's Merona® Eleora Flat Sandals - Black Patent - From Target. I got black, but i want gold too. there are like five colors. So cute and comfy, three women in my office bought them after witnessing mine.  3. Love tapas. i wish all meals were tiny bits of lots of delish things.  4. wow, love that my husband gave got me into a summer wine club with wines from around the world being delievered to my house for the next 3 months. CANT wait! I have a secret hobby of learning about wines, so fun!  5. i love years of memories at Hilton Head with my family and we are heading tomorrow to make new ones as the oster fam... CANT WAIT!!!  wish like heck i knew how to get video to post b/c we have some hilarious ones but i am an L. Cheers to vacay!