friday love lists

ah, summer in the south. on the way to the gym at 6:30am you can break a sweat b/c its already 75 and humid. i toured some folks on campus the other day and warned them when i was getting up after an hour in a golf cart and no air that their might be a ring of sweat on the back of my skirt. well lucky for me it wasn't just a ring, but the entire back of my skirt was soaked. like go home and change your clothes before the next meeting soaked. and it's only june. but let's focus on the positive. my cousin has a fun tradition of friday funnies and i am thinking i may try friday love lists. reflecting at the week's end on things i love.  here's a start: 1. coffee and newspaper. the smell of both even make me smile, but together, mm. and in my pj's of course, its just the right way to start a day.  2. sleep bags for infants. LOVE them. yes, hannah is still in them. she loves them, they signal sleep and comfort and warmth and she doesn't get her legs stuck through the crib. what a great idea to create mini sleeping bags for minaratures who don't comprehend keeping the sheets over you to stay warm.  3. fresh baked morning items. we are in dire straight for a good bakery in CLT, i dream of pastries and scones. it's embarrassing.  4. Perfectly chilled Savingon Blanc from New Zealand for hot days. Crossings or Nobilo favs. crisp, pear. delish. not to sweet or oaky. yum. and it's only 10am. yikes.  5. Having something to look forward to - like vacation. or fridays. we take our first family week long beach trip to hilton head in exactly 8 days. i have talked of this for 6 months or a few years. can't wait.  6. Puffy, baby dollish, Shirts that you can wear with or without your remaining spare tire and it is totally in style and therefore its unknow if you are wearing bc you are savvy or bc there is still a special something around your gut. (i'm feeling a target run today.) 7. a tuckered baby at the end of the long day who happily crashes after a day of discovery.  8. the smell of gardenias plucked from the bush outside.  Oh, this is fun and reflectful (thats not a word, i know but it sounds like it should be one). Happy Friday!