downtime race

this is one of the mornings i keep reheating the coffee, the paper is beside me.. unread, there are multiple projects laying around half starter (like unloading the dishwasher, changing out sweaters to shorts) and my mind is so busy i can't get anything done. so i make my jimmy dean english muffin sandwich which i adore, face the fact that it is almost noon and i am still attempting my coffee and breakfast and that i would rather write than any other project while hannah is sleeping. this is one of those days i can wait for her to get up, don't get me wrong, i love her happy wake up face, but the short-lived glee is not far from my memory as this week has been a dousy for me. not in a dramatic dousy way, not too bad, just in the realization that i cannot always predict my child and that sometimes she is going to be the crankpot and i have no idea how to help and i absolutely dislike that.  uh-oh, i have missed my window, i hear the cry. another half starter effort. i try, does that help?