peels to take cover for you

Not sure words are needed with this video (however pls. forgive the laundry piles in the background). If you've had much time around me at all you know i love to sing at random and make up songs. tonight after reading books by the fire to Hannah i asked if she wanted to sing to me tonight since my throat was hurting I couldn't sing (which really would sound no different than my normal v off tune belting out). The girl serenaded me with a few very special songs and i didn't think i could love her more.

a few lines from her recently have really cracked me up, including as I was tucking her in and she said, "hey mom, i have one question for you. Do you wish you could have a real fairy and would you keep it?" Um, totally. "Me too mom." Similiarly, she felt it worth coming upstairs the other night after being tucked in to let me know for her dream she couldn't decide if she wanted to have mermaid or princess shoes.?" tough desicions.i love getting to know her thoughts. and now, her songs.

Happy Thanksgiving week all!