gifts continued

Thinking about Eucharisto today. Knowing that we are the ones that give weight to things and feeling the danger or glory of that in these fragile days. ah, fragile, that feels like a less favorite word to me but as it came on the screen i realized that is exactly what these days are, instantly possible of breaking. ah, i need a thesaurus.

So in pictures and words here is my gratitude list as of late:

when PH makes no comment on terrible hair days or sad outfits

parents who always pick up the phone

first golden red leaves of the season


seaod bisque at pike place chowder

the end of HAO fallout that lands her in my lap

friends that fly 3000 miles to see you (TY Janet, Laura, & Kim)

spontaneous neighborhood waterballon fights

karoke and bingo at the local senior center

local strawberries

painted toenails, and i do mean painted. green, that was supposed to go on the easel.

there is so much beauty consumed in our days. Thank you God, thank you.