bring on the manna

I must continue to process so I find myself here thinking that a platform where anyone in the world can read it is a good method. genius.

for those that may read this and wonder about my david like crying out last week, here is the real short of it. It appears there is some shake-up at PH's place of employment with the hire of a new VP that started after PH. PH has had one very difficult conversation learning his position may be eliminated and that he may not be a fit for the position they are looking to hire. (insert 10 cuss words here). So, after two delayed follow up meetings to further discuss, this week PH will meet with him on Friday to find out more information. PH will be fighting for his job, and will boldly be laying out what he has to offer. I, for one, have never believed in his ability and clearheaded-ness more. in my very biased opinion they are straight trippin fools to let him go and i have about 100 other words for them, but LUCKILY no matter what they say, this time we know without any doubt that this world is out of control and we put our faith in a God we believe to have full control. A loving gracious God. Whose plans for us are not for calamity but may look different than what we had hoped. Again.

each of these waiting days seem to start and end with such raw emotion. we both take unprecedented time to beg for that day's manna, that day's faith, that day's peace that surpasses understanding. and God has been generous. we don't lie back down at night in fear. well maybe a teensy bit for me, but mostly we rally up some hope. hope that there is a BIG ol light at the end of this week.

for anyone sharing in our faith, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for prayer this week.