Midsummer Round-up

Since we have moved I have never let this much time go by without writing and my mind is full of the missing weeks I want to share and reflect on with you. After a few days that felt a wee on the heavy side, i felt so loved when Stephen encouraged me to find space and write. whether in my journal or on a blog or whatever, it grounds me. it keeps me honest and aware. so, anywho, friends, family, i miss you and here are a few glimpses so we all can remember the last few weeks.

July highlights as best i can remember include finding myself in so many "chairs' i never thought I would be in from the VBS crew leader to an awkward birthday party to Monday night's women's bible studies to Washington DMV line. My parents came to stay for a couple days and it was a totally lovely visit. They are pretty incredible and supportive and never cease to amaze me with their ability to meet me... where i am... and love into that place. a mega summer highlight is running with my dad. i am so thankful for the chance and strength for both of us to have some great runs together. 

Sunshine - Hannah and I go on endless walks, we found a wading pool at Greenlake, we picnic and continue to play outside as often as we can.

Church - We decided to have one familiar thing and not visit a bunch of churches this summer and we really liked the first one we tried so we keep going back. It's close to home and I have joined a Monday night bible study group that I have enjoyed. I was also a volunteer "crew leader" for the VBS that Hannah attended. Learning more about God through Scripture and the sermons has been very encouraging and i seem to have more headspace to hear.

Hannah and I popped back up to Vancouver this week to check on the fam and be with Beatrice some more. I really fell in love with her and my heart broke a bit watching some of her pain because of how hard her sweet heart works. Amy is incredible and i know it has got to be wearing her out. mom and dad have been a big help and i think Sadie girl is enjoying all the company. We continue to pray for Bea's heart, and for the surgery that will most certainly follow between 4-7 months of her life. I can tell that Beatrice June has some fight to her and I am so thankful. i look forward to all the odds she will beat.

and we close out this week with a great visit from Jon and Jasmine. we eat, laugh, play cards and talk and enjoy dear friendship. i am so thankful for them in our lives and can never totally get used to being back together again out here.

I continue to feel my heart tug and pull each and everyway. I revel in the adventure. the beauty in new tastes, sights, and people. i weary in the loneliness and the accumulation of transition. the full weight of how much has changed has slowly begun to feel like too much weight on the shoulder press bench. i force myself not to say its too much, but i am heaving in the reality that it is so very much to leave work, family, friends, house, fried okra for none of them here. i could do any one of those, but all of them has started to plow me over a bit more strongly than i hoped. i know goodness is here and goodness is to come. I am being stretched and it will only taste sweeter and offer more warmth as I go through these emotions and find other sides. of me. and of my God.

And ALAS, we make our first journey back to the East Coast beginning this Tuesday. Hannah and I will be journeying for much of the time alone and we have stacked our days with friends. we both cannot wait. We will be at the beach for the first 10 days or so and then to Charlotte for the last 4 days. I so look forward to your familiar faces and cannot wait to hug you and hear about your life.