twirl cafe

"i was dreaming about Barbie." This is what Hannah tells me when i wake her from her nap. Huh, what does that dream look like? I am trying so hard not to communicate my dislike for the ol Barbie and her entirely unrealistic everything because i know they say it's better not to be the one to point out these things and just answer any questions honestly. okay, but does my kid have to dream about her.. sheesh.

we made our first friends today. well i don't know what will happen past today but a spontaneous playdate occurred at Twirl Cafe today. i have been trying to talk to hao about greetings and that it is an option to say Hello or Good morning rather than scouring or hiding when we are meeting new people. i also told her with new kids she can ask their name if she wants to and go from there. today, she walks right up to Clara and says, "what's your name, do you want to play with me?" desperation was written all over my poor kids face, but luckily the mother and daughter obliged and a two hour indoor bliss ensued. I will try to include a pic of Twirl Cafe here but if you are really curious you must see the website, it's a nearly genius concept of open indoor play space, a classroom space for all sorts of classes, and the cafe with wonderful healthy creative food options and yum espresso and/or wine for the parents. it rocks.

turns out the mother of Clara, Karen, told me that they too have recently moved here from Calgary, Canada for her husband to take a new job with Amazon (headquartered here). we had a very enjoyable conversation and it was medicinal time for Hannah Mia and me. i felt God's graciousness to me that my first mommy conversation as a staying home with my kid mommy was with a highly relatable woman that just moved here and also left her full time job and is learning this life a bit. It also helped us weather a bit of a frustrating afternoon when we were locked out of our apartment for two hours, but i am blocking that out. 

honestly my heart is still anxious about the new place, i am praying for peace, its probably too important to me, but i loved my home and that was when i spent lots less time in it. so anywho, moments away from convo with PH that i hope goes well as we rally and embrace a wee buyer's remorse and get in the game on our place.

the other pics in this little series are just sights we see on our walks each day, because of the rain the yards here are so beautiful and lush so i'll have to post some of them.