oh to be strong, firm and steadfast.

wine should really never go bad in my house and the sad bottle in my corner has been there since last Friday. go away sinus whatever.

today was a little plain and that was just right for us. our outing today was to storytime at Queen Anne Public Library which is a beautiful Carnegie library that is in a gorgeous old building and has stain glassed windows. it was lovely. loads of kids and moms/nannies there for the reading/craft/singing time, it was nice. hannah was very shy and wouldn't leave my side which was interesting to me. it is always easier to go with a buddy and she told me later she wished Hannah Beth could come. in time little one, we'll figure it out.

the afternoon has been very cold and rainy and Hannah and i both slept for 3 hours. i really miss exercise. sheesh.i also miss my friends who i feel sure would have brought soup or would watch Hannah for me so i could go back to the doc, but we are learning together.

i was thinking that today would be my "Friday" and how i loved Thursday nights. and literally this would be considered my last night of work because tomorrow is my last day on the payroll (used leftover PTO). it's weird so weird to think that I'll be bringing home zero dollars or insurance.

words looming in my mind today are from 1 Peter 5 which i finally took time today to sit with the bible (really you version, but you catch my drift) that we be EAGER to SERVE, that we CAST anxiety BECAUSE HE CARES, and that God will RESTORE us in due time and make us STRONG, FIRM, and STEADFAST. oh good. thank you Lord.