soul remodel

i can never quite land on the blog look that i feel looks like me and i remain shocked that my fab designer of a hubs doens't want to hook me up. i could also be surprised at how resistant I am to try out new skills, but i have so little patience for the likes of trying out computer layouts. so be forewarned i am trying a few differnet ones out now that we are through the 50 in 50 project. 

if there was a quota for the amount of warm liquids one must try to reach on a rainy June day i think i am there. i've had coffee, tea, hot cocoa and tea again. all at home, so i am not breaking the bank here, but i can't warm up today, even my nose is cold. i'm trying to refrain from going outside and yelling at my brand-new neighbhor who seems to wait everyday until i put Hannah down for nap to start up the LOUDEST piece of machinery he can find whether removing a tree, mowing the lawn, pressure washing, and i don't even know what the spitfire today's project is but i think my house is moving. and really can't we be in a 1-3pm quiet zone. good thing the girl had wilmore fire engine and police car training. 

Yesterday i found Stephen and i standing as close together in the pew as we could in a way that we were almost holding each other up without touching as we allowed our hearts and minds to be comforted just by the familiarity of sounds, words and scripture. it was almost so healing that we struggled to make it through many songs because we found ourselves choked up over and over again. to be in a room with over 500 strangers yet be connected in some divine way is kind of amazing.

the sermon was about the best investment one could ever make - a soul remodel - a chance to allow God to come in and clean house. as i pictured the rooms in my heart i felt surprised that rather than this sense that God would be tripping over so much junk that some rooms were actually quite empty, waiting to be filled. now granted the doors sometimes slam closed as a new manager takes over to get life in order it is "supposed" to be, but these rooms are more empty and available for God's movement than i recall in many years. the others i imagined to have nice little stacks with things somewhere in the middle and bottom that i am hoping we don't so much have to get back to, the stacks look better. overall the message got me as I definetely have been experiencing God cleaning house and it is very hard to watch some things move down the street and some things be completely thrown out but when the pastor spoke of our hearts and souls as a temple, a place where God can rest and can create beauty, i really got it in a new way. most of the references i can ever recall for my body as a temple where so that I wouldn't smoke or have sex or something. not that those didn't have a place in the message book but i only recall them more in the context of fear not invitation as it feels now. so i recieve this new kind of invitation with bigger hopes for the remodel.