simple saturdays

Saturdays are beginning to have their own little rythym. We have been in town a lot on weekends it seems, which is unusual for us, but the upside is rythym. for all of us. stephen and i take turns on sat. morning of who gets to sleep in a little. the other person tries to get Hannah to cuddle/rest as much as they can on the sofa while they wake up. she loves it and requests the sofa as soon as she wakes up. then once coffee is made and the time is right we take a cup of coffee back to the sleeper and begin them waking up wiht some more lounging around while we set the day's plan. then we hit the market to grab the goods for the upcoming week's meals. then the other various and sundry errands before a lunch and rest time for all. today we tossed in a park visit because it was 50 degrees and sunny. and i have been wanting the chance to keep practicing with our new camera.

the meal above was jamie's oozy mushroom risotta with a simple salad and mini cheesecakes (the crumbles made from hazelnuts and butter, oh yeah). it was good. the first homemade risotto i made i actually made in the oven which i am sure is cheating but it was still delish and a lot less tedious. risotto needs tlc, but tastes yuuum.and for the health folks you can actually use short grain brown rice (arriborio) and have a simliar resulting texture.

happy weekend all!