random shaped house

So i told God, " here are some things that would be nice and they could work out like this...", and God said, "trust me, i want even more for you." this is a conversation God and I have had for years and years. i picture all the ways that life could work out just right which often leaves little room for surpise or openness.

Last night we got the most delicious taste of surprise goodness, that i hadn't planned or recommended to God. imagine that.

when we found this house i had very little expectations of my neighbors mostly because I was focused on getting the perfect rental house and because i had just left my sweet little Wilmore and knew that it was impossible to be blessed like that twice in one lifetime. what i forget is God's plans for all of us is huge, and that includes my neighbors and that although things will play out so differently here in Phinney Ridge, the generosity of community doesn't have to be stifled.

yesterday was a beautiful beautiful day and no one wanted to be inside. by the end of the afternoon, the corner house neighbors with two boys, (Tyrell, 7 and Desian, 5), were out playing and asked if Hannah wanted to ride bikes with them. After a few shoe wardrobe changes, the girl was helmeted up and ready to roll. and the races began. the older boy asked Ph and I to play basketball with him which basically consisted of dribbling up and down the sidewalk, dodging the bikes and pretending to shoot into a nonexistent goal. Next thing i knew, Mr. Ken, the retired respiratory therapist, who lives next door has popped on his bike (and helmet to boot), and is riding with Desian and Hannah. These "races' up and down the Fremont block from 70th to 71st were priceless.  Then Nicole and John who live on the other side of us come out and John has a massive loaded water gun, which immediately signals to the boys that a water fight is about to ensue. As a previous anti-gun playing mother for my sweet girl, i comprised my rules for her to be in the mix.  We set her up with a gun and wondered how she would do in her first water battle. the girl knew her mark and didn't miss a beat. she had a blast. the adults all stood on the sidewalk, expect for the few in the battle, and had a double happy hour of wine and laughter.

Hannah came in soaked and worn out, but to know she was crashing after having so many giggles and grins, my heart leapt. i was surprised. and joyed. when we said our prayers last night PH said, "thank you for this random shaped house that put us on this street." my thoughts exactly.