power of the rays

the sun came out, my windows and french doors were open all day to refresh our home and spirits, Hannah and i slept in a little, i got to run a good 5 mile run, and Hannah loves her camp. Thanks to Sherry and Tom's loving care and diligent research Gucci is here!!!!! and in heaven with all the walking (we didn't drive once today!) Stephen is loving his conference. Hannah, Gucci and i had a great park and eating out date night. I feel like i should say something about world peace or something bigger than myself now but my life feels so tiny i don't have much big to share. I need to pick up the paper again. about the only thing that would have made this night better would be if So You Think You Could Dance would come on. 

Amy and Aaron are still awaiting Bea's arrival. Not much labor progress seems to be happening this week but if things don't happen on their own in the next few days, they will get some help to encourage some labor. we may be loading back up in the car after camp on Thursday for our favorite new drive, really we love the drive and it is starting to feel so normal! Amy is constantly on my heart and mind and I know this has been an emotional few weeks in their home as they are ready to meet Bea. Thanks to all of you keeping then in your prayers, for a great delivery and for Bea's heart to be strong!