Move in day

I feel I myself am a boxful of emotion today, you never know what you are gonna get when you tear off that pesky tape. I figured out how to post from my iPhone because we don't get wireless til Tuesday (boomer!) so this will be short although my heart has spanned the gammet today. The day started off with a great early church service where I really enjoyed learning and my heart buckled a time or two in worship. Singing It Is Well during communion is really quite powerful. We also sang a song that so reminds me of warehouse so I just couldn't hold it in because I longed do bad to look around the room and see some of the beautiful faces I used to see there. Hannah also pushed me out of the room when I came to pick her up because she wanted to keep playing. Poor girl wants friends so badly.
The day ends with me alone with boxes everywhere. Very little seems to be in its right place but Stephen came down with a back headache and couldn't do dinner or unpack with me. So I am in a silent house and I dug out a few familiar happy things as a dish towel I love, hung it up and I will go until I crash trying to make a new place for us.
So I'm off and appreciate any prayers for our new home and all that may walk through the door that it would be warm, restful and even joyous. Miss you all much today.