dear queen anne

You have been so so good to me. I could run through your streets all day and never see all the beauty in this lovely little neighborhood. between the unbelievable new and old homes with windows for days overlooking the city and the water, the perfect gardens full of vegetation and flowers, your "main" street with my favorite bakery ever, kids cafes and perfect bookstores, a trader joes and many many boutiques i wish i could go in, i have so so loved our month here. and to think i dreaded temporary housing when little did i know it would give me the chance to learn this side of Seattle. 

that being said, i am next to GIDDY, like can't wait to wake up and it be tomorrow to have our stuff arrive and move into a place of our own. to have dance parties without worrying, to put my noise in the fridge and not throw up, to look around at familiar things and to try to make a little life for us in a more permanent community. new groceries and libraries to learn, new hills to climb (literally), new walking paths and preschools and churches and all. 

tonight we went over to paint and had a pizza and strawberry picnic on the floor in our empty house. it feels like a bit of a lonely move with no one to help set up or to hang with hannah while we get things in place, or have pizza and beer with us on our first night in, but our little fam will hopefully build some sweet memories with one another. it's all feeling so real on a whole new level. 

So, we close out a short and sweet chapter on nob hill ave that welcomed us to the new city. if God was so generous with the temporary place, shouldn't my faith be sealed at all He will have for us in Phinney Ridge. I should be full of glad anticipation.. (: