mega prega

alright people, this Bea is holding out on us. Mom & Amy called me on Wednesday morning and said they thought Amy was in labor. I grabbed Hannah and I's packed bags and hopped in the car. I even left dishes in the sink i thought it may go super fast. Amy has offered me the greatest privilege to be in the room with she and Aaron and try to encourage them as they bring this sweet baby into the world. Well... it's Friday night, we are a wee disheartened as Amy is 4cm dilated but the labor isn't consistently active so the doc sent her home. we have eaten spicy food, had danced parties, walked a gazillion blocks, etc. etc.  we just want to meet her so dern bad. she isn't late (39 wks), so all is okay, we just really thought she was coming and Amy is pretty dang ready, so anywho, if you read this, say a prayer for Amy and God's perfect timing for Bea's arrival. 

I have to give up and go home tomorrow as it is my 11th Anniversary and Sunday is Father's day so i gotta get back to my man, we miss him. Thanks for your prayers and any last ditch effort that she may come in the next 12 hours would be AWESOME!