hook me up mamacitas!

Our weather has been incredible. It has been such a treat. Like 6 sunny days in a row at about 65-74 degrees. Goodness. the flowers are so so incredible. Hannah and i point out our favorites on each little walk. Anywho, our days are getting a little plainer, i feel a little silly writing. Today one of the highlights was Hannah kicking a pine cone like a soccer ball all the way home and me dreaming of her as a star athlete. how sad is that?

So, today's post is really to ask you, my many many INCREDIBLE mom friends, what the HECK you do with kids day in and day out. Most of you have more than one kid even so harken back to the days of one little mini. Hannah and I are inside of 40 days of hanging together and there has been a boatload of transition and newness, and yet still I find i am not so great at lots of parts of this. at the play and imagination gig. at the come up with lots of great things to do gig. i like to walk and go to the park and go get treats at the coffee shop and color already drawn things and dance and i think that covers it. every other craft , pretend, or doll type game or creative type way to get them to do something independently for 10 minutes, i strike out and i have a VERY restless kid on my hands. Can ya'll help me? Seriously. What is your FAVORITE thing to do with your kid and your best independent thing for them? help.

and again, i can't help but share this LOVELY shout out for mom's, why are kids with accent so so so dang cute -

and for my friends with no kids, can you still love me with all the kiddo talk? sorry, this is my phase and i am trying to figure it out but if you want to send me an email about any current events or trends or ANYTHING I'd be in heaven. i get like 1/4th, maybe not even 1/4th of the amount of emails i used to get and i actually think i miss them.

Happy almost Friday!