home life devotion

today was a highly domestic day. and truthfully that really wasn't bad, in fact i took joy in many moments throughout the day. one of the definitions of domestic actually is devoted to the home and that felt positively new to try on.  As a whole, my feet hurt and i have little capacity left which meant I double checked with PH when he got home if he wanted to watch anything in the room so i could dually catch up on Private Practice and watch So You Think You Can Dance auditions in the living room. alone. i want to zone. forgot to save energy for the ol spousarooski.

i woke up early and went for a run around Greenlake, it felt warmer than the past days and my legs felt strong so i was very thankful. We had a playdate coming to our house for the first time. Hannah was muy pumped about Gabriel and Lucas, the two sons of an old colleague of mine from the Charlotte Chamber whose husband was recruited to be a Microsoft Evangelist (half of Seattle works for either Boeing, Microsoft, or Amazon).  They moved to Seattle (truthfully, closer to Redmond so about a 25 minute drive) a few weeks before us. Hannah and Gabriel have really enjoyed playdates together and it was so bizzare to have our first kid over. they wrecked the place but smiled a lot.

pretty much the next few hours of the day were spent in the kitchen. i even tried to take pride in the beauty of our lunch plates.  Hannah and I baked cookies, i tested out using half almond flour (don't tell Stephen).  My sweet daughter who doesn't not share affection regulary or easily leaned up to me half way through the cooking making and kissed my cheek. it was very precious to me. i get maybe 2-3 kisses a week even though i ask like 2-3 times a day. 

Fast forward a little and I made my first round ever of meatballs and homemade tomato sauce.  while i was cooking, i tried out Noisetrade to listen to some new music, which i literally haven't done in YEARS (PH finds all our music).  I loved that. i had these great moments of serving my fam through cooking these healthy fun meals and loved the music.  All the while i was mowing through about 4 loads of laundry and trying to get all the floors swept today. as well as tracking after a pee-pee accident and spilled milk.  ahhhh, i repeat, highly domestic, but also, very satisfying.