flick list for kids?

tonight i was thinking how tired ya’ll have to be of hearing my random carrying on everyday and i realized that this week we hit 50 days. oh my stars. i have almost made 50 in 50 and even more, i have almost made it 50 days in Seattle, Washington. i feel i haven’t just made it actually, its been a pretty rich 50 days. thanks to any of you who have journeyed with me.

today was a good day. two quick side notes here: A. Can we come up with a list somewhere somehow of great kid movies and shows? Like G movies that are actually not scary at all and have any sort of strong character development? For sure can we develop a mini feminist movie list that includes movie that encourage young girls to be introspective and brave rather than wait for a prince. (btw, Hannah’s first movie in the theaters may be Brave, it looks so awesome it makes me want to have red hair). Anyway, if any of you actually email me your favs, i’ll make a list on my sidebar on the blog for other peeps too. I should include a sidebar of the GREAT ideas some of you sent me of ways to make staying at home fabulous and encouraging your kids in activities, i have used LOTS of those ideas. However, a side note to my side note is, it is a little embarrassing that I may like your suggestion of Laurie Berkner Pandora station better than Hannah, i can’t quick singing her songs... for the LOVE. (thanks and maybe no thanks ms. laurie l.)

Okay, so our Bob tires were mega flat today so we couldn’t run to the park because I couldn’t find our air pump (yes, things are still in boxes). So we drove over there but ran through a baseball field on the way where Hannah and I had the jolliest time running around the bases before hitting up the park.  She started off enjoying independent play or play with me, thank you Lord, but after about 15 minutes realized she must find a friend. one lovely frizzy curly long blue eyed girl who looked about Hannah’s age played a bit hard to get as Hannah (AND I!) tried to make friends with her until finally Hannah said, “Hey do you want to play with me?”, and OFF they went, like literally running the perimeters of the park. I felt my heart lighten as I saw Hannah unreservedly smile and chase at the chance of playtime. Turns out Tianna had a lovely mother who found me and we carried on a very enjoyable conversation. She is Austrian and was really delightful. only two awkward moments to report: A. when she told me her pre-nup with her husband was that they never live in Iowa (where he is from) - Sorry Melissa!!! - and B. when her almost 2 year old got tired of running around so she scooped her up and put her in the ergo and the next time i looked over this little one had pushed her mom’s shirt down and was breastfeeding. no comment.

okay, enough rambling for a day, Stephen and i have done our INSANITY workout and are ready for tea and a show. BTW, we rented This Means War the other night and thought it was very fun and better than we had expected so worth the rent.